Bis(triethylsilyl) selenide    (BTESSe)


structures/Bis(triethylsilyl)selenide (BTESSe).png

Product Number: 0037

CAS Number: 14846-53-8

Molecular Weight: 309.50

Molecular Formula: C12H30SeSi2


  • Appearance: clear colorless to yellow liquid
  • Boiling Point: 113-115°C @ 4 Torr
  • Density: 1.063 g/mL (lit.)
  • Vapor pressure: 1 Torr @ 85 °C
  • Purity by GC: 99.0% minimum
  • 1H NMR: Conforms to structure


Se doping, Se source for ALD of 2D materials (WSe2, MoSe2), PV materials (GeSe2, Ga2Se3), organic synthesis



Packaged in glass bottles or stainless steel bubblers





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