Bis(trimethylsilyl) telluride    (BTMSTe)


structures/Bis(trimethylsilyl)telluride (BTMSTe).png

Product Number: 0034

CAS Number: 4551-16-0

Molecular Weight: 273.98

Molecular Formula: C6H18TeSi2



  • Boiling Point: 74 °C at 11 torr; 193 °C at 760 torr
  • Melting Point: 13-14 °C
  • Appearance: clear colorless to yellow-orange liquid
  • Vapor pressure: 1 torr @ 25 °C

Purity by GC:  98.0% minimum

1H NMR:  conforms to structure


Te doping, GST films, PV materials (GeTe2, Ga2Te3), organic synthesis



Packaged in stainless steel bubblers


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